CNC machine tools for furniture making, carpentry.

For the furniture industry are primarily used large-format machining centers with a working area of ​​2100x3100mm or twice as large for pendulum operation that is 2100x6100mm with a vacuum table, automatic tool changing with a tool magazine. Spindles from 9kw to 18kW are used depending on the needs, possibly with additions in the form of angle heads, angle aggregates or other equipment dedicated to specific needs. Machines for furniture making can be equipped with additional software for automatic optimal distribution, ie NESTING, various functions of material feeding, automatic nesting on pegs or a system enabling automatic printing and sticking labels on a cut element. Machines of this type are most often equipped with a pressure-suction foot, which enables dust-free machining, where an additional sliding foot on the air cushion over the material allows dust-free operation without scratching the surface of the workpiece. 
  • Złoty medal 2011 ITM za Waterjet 5D
  • Złoty medal 2013 ITM za Laser Flashcut
  • Złoty medal 2013 ITM - wybór konsumentów
  • Złoty medal 2014 ITM za Laser Powercut 8kW
  • Złoty medal 2014 ITM - wybór konsumentów
  • Złoty medal 2016 ITM za LaserCEL oraz Frezarkę narzędziową
  • Gepard biznesu 2016 za dynamiczny wzrost
  • Złoty medal targów RemaDays 2018 za innowacje