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Do not buy a laser, buy a peace of mind.
Lens and fiber optic warranty.
Up to 5 years warranty for the laser source.

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Laser fiber
with linear drives

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Laser, Waterjet, CNC manufacturer Fast, efficient, stable, powerful

Our company, as the only one in this area in Poland, designs and produces fast and efficient waterjet machines which are stable and easy to use.

We have achieved this leadership position through our creative projects, effective actions and impressive dynamic development. This position has been also influenced by our friendly and respectful attitude towards our customers, whose satisfaction and contentment is our main driver for development. We have gained our vast experience by performing advanced projects for 25 years.

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  • Laser fiber cutter

    Laser fiber cutter

    Our new laser fiber with linear drives, enables quick and efficient cutting of any shape out of sheet metal. Our lasers are extremely high speed up to 5 m/s and fast acceleration. This power combined with a high resolution measurement systems we achieve extraordinary efficiency and cutting accuracy.

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  • Industrial CNC Routers

    Industrial CNC Routers

    Large area milling machines are devices designed for heavy production works, featuring high efficiency, and robust and stable construction. The milling machines perform both flat (e.g. cutting shapes out of sheet metals, drilling on the basins of two-dimensional drawing), and three-dimensional milling tasks.

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  • CNC milling machines

    CNC milling machines

    HSM Linear machining centre is a machine tool for precision and tool works. It proves useful wherever extremely high positioning precision is required. Instead of the traditional circulating screw used up to now in CNC machines in X Y Z axes, linear drives and measurments system - with the resolution of 1nm.

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  • Waterjet cutter

    Waterjet cutter

    The abrasive waterjet technology is the most innovative solution of all cutently available in the cutting technology industry. The Kimla waterjet machines may cut almost every materials. It is perfect for the stone industry and for companies which deal with cutting metal. They are perfect both for production plants and for service shops.

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  • CNC Cutters

    CNC Cutters

    The world's first production cutter with Linear motors, opens new production capacity in many industries. The KIMLA linear Cutter BPT Linear is available in different workspaces and equipment options. The compact design of the machine has been equipped with innovative solutions based on linear drives.

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  • Universal CNC Cutters

    Universal CNC Cutters

    The Kimla universal cnc cutters are machines used for cutting out with oscillating or drag knife. All cutters are equipped with active knife, controlled with servomotors. Machines with oscillating knifes may be furnished with pneumatically or electrically driven heads.

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  • Five axis CNC milling machines

    Five axis CNC milling machines

    5 axis milling machine is a machine used for large-size details machining. Most often, these are casting, thermo-forming and laminate dies. These machines may be executed in a very wide range of work areas..

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  • CNC engravers

    CNC engravers

    Bench engraving machine in High Speed version with a parallel configuration with a movable table. The enclosed design makes the machine quieter and easy to keep it clean, and its small size allows to place it in office rooms.

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  • CNC dental engravers

    CNC dental engravers

    Table 5-axis engraving machine. The machine, designed basically for prosthetics and gold smithery, allows to perform five-axis models of wax and zirconium oxides. Being completely cased, the machine is ideal for clean office rooms.

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  • CNC milling routers

    CNC milling routers

    This is absolutely new design which contains many innovative solutions that we have developed on the basis many years of experience. Machines of this series are aimed primarily for advertising agencies, prototyping, manufacturers of packaging and die boards, service shops.

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news 2022.04.26

Video report from the STOM-LASER 2022 fair

We invite you to watch the video report from the STOM-LASER 2022 fair in Kielce. The fair about lasers took place from 5th to 7th April.

news 2022.03.17

The next edition of the STOM-LASER fair

The next edition of the STOM fair in Kielce about lasers and laser technology will be held soon. You will be able to meet us in the "E" hall from 5th to 7th April. We would like to invite you to visit our "E-10" stand and see our machines. 

news 2022.03.07

Victory at the "EY Entrepreneur of the year 2021" gala

Last Friday took place the final gala "EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2021”. We are pleased to announce that Mr. Przemysław Kimla was the winner in the category of New Technologies/Innovation. 

  • Gold Medal ITM 2011 for 5D Waterjet
  • Gold Medal ITM 2013 for Flashcut Fiber Laser
  • Gold Medal ITM 2013 - consumer choice
  • Gold Medal ITM 2014 for Powercut 8kW Fiber Laser
  • Gold Medal ITM 2014 - consumer choice
  • Gold Medal ITM 2016 for LaserCEL and Milling Machine
  • "Gepard biznesu" award 2016 for dynamic growth
  • Gold Medal "RemaDays" 2018 for innovations