Kimla company (probably as the only one in the world) produces machines to cut the most demanding sealing materials. These cutters are equipped with high-quality active oscillating heads with powers which often exceed commercially available solutions. This is not a problem to cut seal (klingieryt) plates, graphite plates reinforced with wire mesh and steel sheet (including multilayer ones), rubber, leather, cork and other materials which are suitable for cutting with a knife.

The most powerful Kimla oscillation cutting heads are driven by two AC servo drives. One of them adjusts the angle of the knife and the other one generates the oscillation. The central lubrication of the pans provides the long life of the head and its operating costs can be minimized.

The material is attached to the table with a vacuum, which provides its fast and ergonomic mounting.

The head can handle both HSS and carbide knives, depending on properties and the thickness of the material. Monolithic carbide blades allow to cut an 8mm diameter hole in the 20mm thick rubber.

In industrial design the cutter with an oscillating head can also be delivered with an additional milling head which provides the ability to cut brittle materials that can not be cut with a knife.

The Kimla company also produces Waterjet machines which are comparable with the products of leading companies in the world while preserving a much more attractive price. Kimla Waterjet cutters are equipped with Accustream pumps and heads which have the lowest operating costs. The cost of spare parts for the pump is 1.25USD/h, and the cost of the head is 1.75USD/h.

Another indisputable advantage is the fact that the producer is a Polish company. In contrast to firms which offer equipment made by foreign producers and which do not have a constant and competent service in Poland, the Kimla company, through their own design, construction, manufacturing and servicing their equipment, ensures the highest competence in the maintenance of their machines. This provides immediate access to service, parts and the knowledge necessary to solve problems which may arise during operating.

Many far eastern companies are currently trying to produce Waterjet machines. Unfortunately, as it often happens, the quality and capabilities of these machines differ significantly from customers' expectations. The basic problem is a quite common tendency to copy to other machines recognized as standard. Unfortunately, the lack of experience and access to technology often leads to pitiful results. Pump components are being made of materials with properties far different from those desired ones. They are cracking cylinders, leaks in many locations, leaky valves, but most of all much lower lifetime of seals, which cause the multiplication of operating costs. Another major problem is the software and the control system. In Waterjet machines the most essential is the dynamic speed control which makes the feed rate dependent on the shape of the toolpath. Machines without this function have to move with the speed limited to that at which the most complex shapes will be cut correctly. This results in multiple reduction in the efficiency (even ten times), which practically disqualifies such devices from the possibility to compete on a demanding market.

It is worth mentioning that Kimla machines work in more than 500 Polish and dozens of overseas companies (including those operating on the demanding U.S. market.) Currently the Kimla company is producing their machines on an industrial scale (about 25 machines are being produced simultaneously in assembly rooms), and the production efficiency comes to one machine per 3 days.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to the presentation of our machines. On the spot you can see at least a dozen machines for different uses and with different equipment. We believe that after visiting our company, you will make a decision about buying Kimla machines.
  • Gold Medal ITM 2011 for 5D Waterjet
  • Gold Medal ITM 2013 for Flashcut Fiber Laser
  • Gold Medal ITM 2013 - consumer choice
  • Gold Medal ITM 2014 for Powercut 8kW Fiber Laser
  • Gold Medal ITM 2014 - consumer choice
  • Gold Medal ITM 2016 for LaserCEL and Milling Machine
  • "Gepard biznesu" award 2016 for dynamic growth
  • Gold Medal "RemaDays" 2018 for innovations