CNC machine tools for MDF, HPL, OSB, particle boards, furniture boards

These materials are mainly processed on large-format machining centers called industrial Routers. Due to the fact that most commercial plates have the format 2000 x 3000mm, such machines are usually offered, but also in this category of machines are offered smaller and larger machines and much larger. Larger ones, for example, 4, 5 or 6 meters long. For example, a six-meter machine is a two-zone machine, i.e. one on which you can work double zone on a standard size plate, i.e. on the front part is undergoing machining and on the rear replacement of material ie collecting elements and setting up new material and so on alternating with the front and rear zone. In this situation, the efficiency increases significantly, because both the machine operator and the machine work all the time, and increasing the machine length does not significantly increase the price of the machine. This is certainly a much more economical solution than purchasing two separate machines. When it comes to wood-based materials, plate cutting, chipboard cutting, OSB, MDF and laminated boards, all materials are processed on large-format machining centers. HPL requires a very strong and rigid machine because it is a hard material difficult to machine and our machines are perfectly suited. For example, HPL with a thickness of 15mm can be cut at a single pass with high surface quality. Furniture panels for laminated furniture can be cut individually and boards that have air permeability, eg MDF or chipboard can be cut out several boards at the same time.

Woodworking machines and MDF and five-axis machines are used for making three-dimensional elements. These types of materials are most often used in foundry modeling, for thermoforming or laminating. Large-format machining centers are available in standard versions on toothed drives and as the first company in the world, we started mass production of this type of machines driven by linear drives. This ensures unprecedented accuracy, efficiency, and durability.

If we do not have many jobs to do, we also offer a lot of economic machines, with lighter construction and lower capacity but clearly cheaper in many cases, sufficient for lighter applications. Economic machines due to the use of ball screw drives have a limitation of the length of up to 2.5 m, therefore, for the cutting of full plates should be invested in an industrial machine powered by helical drives. These are solutions driven by toothed bars with ground teeth and helical providing for backlash-free and long-lasting work.
  • Gold Medal ITM 2011 for 5D Waterjet
  • Gold Medal ITM 2013 for Flashcut Fiber Laser
  • Gold Medal ITM 2013 - consumer choice
  • Gold Medal ITM 2014 for Powercut 8kW Fiber Laser
  • Gold Medal ITM 2014 - consumer choice
  • Gold Medal ITM 2016 for LaserCEL and Milling Machine
  • "Gepard biznesu" award 2016 for dynamic growth
  • Gold Medal "RemaDays" 2018 for innovations