CNC machine tools for cardboard, paper. CNC cutter.

Packaging industry, i.e. cutting corrugated board and solid cardboard. Both of these materials can be cut out on economic machines made on the basis of blackbird, which are often used for prototypes and small series in printing houses, packaging manufacturers and manufacturers of bookbinding blanks. Machines based on industrial large-format centers with a light gantry are production machines that already allow making production series with high efficiency and for the most demanding users we offer cutting plotters for the production of packaging based on linear drives with the ability to automate the device with a material feeding and retrieval system where the machine is equipped with a convoy that automatically moves, retrieves and transfers material after cutting. Economy machines based on Blackbird are driven by ball screws, industrial machines based on helical drives, HighSpeed industrial machines based on linear drives. Machines economically reach maximum feed speeds up to 300mm / s, industrial machines 1m / s, and industrial machines HighSpeed 2m / s.