CNC machine tools for composites.

Composite materials can be processed at various stages of the production of these composites. Cutting plotters are used to cut raw fabrics, cutting out the fabric in a manner similar to technical and clothing fabrics.

However, the second group of machines for processing composite materials are milling machines that already process laminated and hardened materials. In the case of spatial elements, these are five-axis milling machines. 5D milling machines are used both for making models for making a laminating mold and later for cutting trapping, and for perforating and finishing laminated elements from both epoxy and polyester resins. Composite carbon machining is also possible on such machines.  The machining can also take place on three-axis machines if the work is to cut simple geometrical shapes from pre-prefabricated glass-epoxy or polyester laminates. Then, a three-axis machine is sufficient for this perfectly suited large format machining center. In many applications in the production of electric transformer motors, such machines are applicable in many companies around the world.