The linear magazine is placed on the machine table outside the machining area. The standard can accommodate 10 tool cones. Depending on the machine's construction, it is possible to expand the tool storage in order to obtain more space in the magazine. The tool magazine significantly speeds up machining that requires the use of many tools. There is no need for fixing tools by the operator, which significantly speeds up production. The machine is able to store the old tool into the magazine and automatically take and then install the new tool. Tools taken from the magazine are measured only on the first use and the tool length is stored in memory.
  • Złoty medal 2011 ITM za Waterjet 5D
  • Złoty medal 2013 ITM za Laser Flashcut
  • Złoty medal 2013 ITM - wybór konsumentów
  • Złoty medal 2014 ITM za Laser Powercut 8kW
  • Złoty medal 2014 ITM - wybór konsumentów
  • Złoty medal 2016 ITM za LaserCEL oraz Frezarkę narzędziową
  • Gepard biznesu 2016 za dynamiczny wzrost
  • Złoty medal targów RemaDays 2018 za innowacje